My practice is driven by my affinity for the "language" of color, gesture, mark making and... simplfying.

I majored in poetry years ago in college - fascinated by getting rid of unnecessary 'words' to get to the essence of a moment, an angle of light... and that has translated to my art practice in painting, drawing, monoprints. A desire to par everything down to the essence of a moment, an angle of light and hoping to connect, create solace... perhaps inspire a new perception.

"... poetry, much like painting, establishes a resonance between otherwise disparate images, a layering of meanings, forming connections previously not perceived." 

"Painting is silent poetry & poetry is painting that speaks."  - Plutarch

"Painting is close to poetry - a kind of poetry expressed visually... it has to be spontaneous, rapid." -  Etel Adnan

"Put your feelings in there!  Don't just paint some shit, like you don't care."  - Joan Mitchell